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ADRIAN EDWARDS mission is to make renting, buying, and selling North Jersey real estate seamless.

ADRIAN EDWARDS is a full-service real estate brokerage handling all types of residential sales, rental, and investment transactions. Our vision is to combine the best technology with the best service in the industry, because it takes both to make your dreams happen.

We know there is a wealth of online information readily available at your fingertips and we are here to help you parse through it as your trusted expert advisor. We will be your partner throughout your real estate journey. Whether you are a landlord, tenant, buyer, or seller, ADRIAN EDWARDS can be your one stop every time you need brokerage services and can stay connected with you from the moment we meet to post-closing or lease.

What drives our team:


1. To be a real estate resource for our clients and business associates.

2. To maintain the highest degree of integrity when dealing with our clients and others.

3. To consistently deliver professional service.

4. To listen to the concerns of our clients.

5. To maintain our sense of humor.

6. To strive for excellence.

7. To continue to learn and grow.

8. To adapt to the world around us.

9. To get the highest price possible for a real estate listing

10. To enjoy each day and be thankful for our wonderful clients, family and friends.

11. To do the right thing.

What My Clients Are Saying

I have used Adrian on several real estate transactions and each experience has been better than the last! Adrian is a dedicated realtor that makes you feel as if you're his only client. Not only does he have great knowledge and skills in real estate but what differentiates him from others I have  worked with is his ability to deal with people. Calling Adrian is the best thing to do and highly recommend his services!


What some of my competitors might say...


Example Sale Price $500,000


7% $35,000

6% $30,000

5% $25,000

4% $20,000

3% $15,000


We list those too! Residential & Commercial

..and the best part is that there is no fee for the owner!

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Real Estate Myths 

Sales Myth 1: Our company has a well-respected name in the business, so buyers feel more comfortable with us.
Truth: Buyers don’t care about the company who has the listing; they care about the property.  The buyer is not buying a car.  The branding of a real estate firm has nothing to do with selling your property.

Sales Myth 2: If I have your listing, I’ll “market” your home.
Truth: Some higher priced realtors use vague and non-committal words like “market”. It’s wise to ask, “What specifically would you do?” I wouldn’t settle for vague answers. Probe further and insist on quantifiable specifics! Such as Open Houses, Professional Photography, showcasing, Listing syndication, Performance Reporting, Flyers, Videos, Virtual Tours, etc. The more specific the better for you. Some realtors only take a few poor quality pictures with their own digital camera, put it on the MLS and call themselves a full service realtor.

Sales Myth 3: If you list with one of those “discount” outfits, no agent is going to show your home.
Truth:  Buyer’s agents are independent contractors. If their buyers want to see your home, they WILL show your house.   Remember they are getting exactly the same commission with our listing as any with many other listings.

Sales Myth 4: We have tons of buyers referred to us from our company’s relocation business. It seems like that the odds of finding a buyer are better if they list your home.
Truth: Any buyer agent gets the same commission no matter where the buyers come from. Sometimes relocation referrals cost buyer’s agent 25-40% of their share of the commission.

Sales Myth 5: We’ll enter your listing in a sales book which is distributed to hundreds of supermarkets all over the area.
Truth: This is a favorite Sales Myth of some bigger agencies. If you’ve ever seen one of their books, you’d know it contains little useful information and is designed to promote their office and their agents. 

Sales Myth 6: I’ll send an email to every Realtor in the MLS so they are aware of your home.
Truth: Active agents subscribe to the MLS and send buyer new home alerts automatically. There is no reason for an agent to send out email blast out because the home’s already listed on the MLS and the system’s hot sheet.

Sales Myth 7:  I network with other realtors, therefore I’ll get the word out there about your home.
Truth:  This is absolutely ridiculous. Agents are not selling your house via tea parties or bowling tournaments or other functions.  Realtors who have time for tea parties are typically new and inexperienced and don’t have anything better to do than “networking” with other agents. Agents working with live buyers use the MLS to search for homes, not by networking with agents at a party.


You should never be “held hostage” by your real estate company.

Anytime during our listing period the seller can give us 48 hours notice to cancel the listing agreement and they will not be charged. After the 48 hours notice expires, the seller can sell it themselves or hire a different real estate agent with no strings attached (this is not typical in our industry). The only time the seller cannot cancel is when we are in active contract with a buyer. We believe in fair and easy contracts that don’t lock the seller in.

Adrian Tridel

Licensed Broker/Owner


151 Park Avenue

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​​​North Jersey Real Estate

Agent Commission
4% to 3% - A fair price for full service

In New Jersey, commissions are negotiable

Reasonable Commission Explained

Fair and Reasonable: I believe North Jersey real estate agent commissions should be fair and reasonable.

Can I provide the same or more services than a 6 or 7% North Jersey Agent?  You're darn right I can!  Have doubts? Great! Give me a call and we can talk about them.

Buyer’s Agent Commission Explained

If we work as your buyer’s agent, we will accept what the seller offers through the local MLS. We do not charge our buyer clients! Only in a very rare case when a buyer wants to buy a FSBO (for sale by owner) and the for sale by owner does not want to pay the buyer’s agent (we always ask first) then we charge our buyer the 2% rate (as long as the buyer still wants our representation). This is a very rare circumstance.

Listing Agent Commission Explained

Believe it or not....
The 6% listing agent will sometimes give 2% commission to the buying agent and keeps 4% commission for themselves.

Our Maximum Commission (4%)

As a listing agent specialist, I keep only 2% and offer 2% commission to the buying agent. If a listing agent does not offer 2% to a buying agent it is possible the buying agent will not show the listing, even though it is illegal to discriminate based on offered commission.

Disclosed Dual Agent or Transaction Broker Representation Discount (3%)

Now if a buyer reaches out to me to represent them (both sides) the total is 3%. I only do this with the buyer and seller’s permission.

How can we charge 3% for myself and provide more services and marketing than a full price agent?

We are NOT a franchise, we are independent.  We don't pay large franchise fees, We don't have a Huge office.  We don't have major overhead and we spend wisely....

  • If I save money, you save money. If my team member sells it, you get a discount. If I represent both sides you get a big discount. 
  • We only list homes we know we can sell. 
  •  Finally, I believe our commission rate is fair and reasonable.                                         
  • Remember In New Jersey, commissions are negotiable

Adrian Tridel,   Broker/Owner Realtor